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Quito, Historic Library of the Church of San Francisco, BSF8

Liturgical Occasions: fols. 1r–53r Immaculate Conception of Mary; fols. 53r–71r Purification of Mary; fols. 71r–80v Annunciation of Mary; fols. 80v–85v Mary of the Snows; fols. 85v–97v Assumption of Mary; fols. 97v–108r Birthday of Mary; fols. 108r–109v Visitation of Mary (incomplete).

Inscriptions and Marks: P. fr. Franciscus de herrera anno dni 1671.

Austin, Harry Ransom Center, HRC Leaf A40

From the Ransom Center: "1 leaf: paper, 412 x 295 mm. Written in Latin, late gothic textualis script. Layout is six long lines of text alternating with square musical notation on 4-line red staves. Decoration includes red and blue initials; one black initial slightly embellished with yellow pen work."

Leaves HRC A36 through HRC A40 contain the entire Nicene Creed, but it is not continuous. The leaves were taken from the same 15th- or 16th-century choirbook. Donated to the Ransom Center by H. L. Williford in 1961.

Dendermonde, Sint-Pieters-en Paulusabdij, ms. 9

The Dendermonde codex contains works by Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179) and Elisabeth of Schönau (1129-1165), as well as one anonymous work: Liber Vitae Meritorum S. Hildegardis (ff. 1–121v); Liber Viarum Dei S. Elisabeth de Schoenau (ff. 121–152v); Symphonia Harmoniae Caelestium Revelationum (ff. 153–170v); and an untitled dialogue between a priest and the devil (ff. 170–173v). Only the portion of the codex with music, known as Symphonia Harmoniae Caelestium Revelationum (Symphony of the Harmony of Celestial Revelations), is indexed in Cantus.

Wiesbaden, Hochschul- und Landesbibliothek RheinMain, 2 (Riesencodex)

The Wiesbaden codex contains the following textual and musical works by Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179): Scivias (1v–135v); Liber vitae meritorum (136r–201v); Liber divinorum operum (202r–308r); Episotla ad praelatos Moguntinos (308v–317r); Vita Hildegardis (317r–327v); Initium libri Epistolarum et orationum Sanctae Hildegardis (328r–434r); Expositio Evangeliorum (434r–461v); Lingua ignotae (461v–464v); Litterae quas villarenses fratres post obitum domine nostre Hildegardis ad nos miserunt (464v–465r); Symphonia Harmoniae Caelestium Revelationum (466r–478v); Ordo virtutum (478v–481v).

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