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Quito, Historic Library of the Church of San Francisco, BSF4

Liturgical Occasions: fol. 1v Inscription and date; fols. 2r - 3r (Sequens hymnus dicitur ab octava Epiphaniae usque ad dominicam primam Quadragesimae, et a dominica proximiori Kalendis octobris usque ad Adventum); fols. 3r - 5v (Sequens hymnus dicitur ab octava pentecostes usque ad dominicam proximiorem Kalendis octobris); fols. 6r - 9r First Sunday of Advent; fols. 9r - 12r Nativity of Our Lord; fols. 12r - 13v Holy Innocents; fols. 13v - 16r Epiphany of Our Lord; fols. 16r - 19r Tempore Quadragesimae; fols. 19r - 23v Tempore Passionis; fols.

Lucca, Biblioteca Arcivescovile, MS 5

Lucca, Biblioteca Arcivescovile MS 5 is two manuscripts, a compendium of bishop's liturgy and other material dating to 1175-1200, and a noted breviary covering the entirety of the church year and common offices dating to  between 1125-50. Its liturgy is comprised of a large number of European uses uniquely combined and modified; the breviary also sometimes incorporates the use of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem as it existed prior to its 1149 revision under Patriarch Fulcher of Angoulême.

St Louis, Peter H. Raven Library (Missouri Botanical Library), QK41.F8 1542, c.2

The fragment is a lone vellum bifolium that survives as the back pastedown in a copy of Leonhart Fuchs, De historia stirpium comentarii insignes (or Notable Commentaries on the History of Plants) (Basileae [Basel, Switzerland] [place of publication]: In officina Isingriniana [publisher], 1542), in the Peter H. Raven Library in St Louis (the Missouri Botanical Library), Shelfmark QK41.F8 1542, c.2.

Quito, Historic Library of the Church of San Francisco, P16BSF18

Liturgical Occasions: Proper of the Time fols. 1r - 60r Holy Week; fols. 60r - 63v Feria II post Pascha; fols. 64r - 67v Feria III post Pascha; fols. 67v - 71r Feria IV post Pascha; fols. 71r - 75r Feria V post Pascha; fols. 75r - 79r Feria VI post Pascha; fols. 79r - 82v Saturday in Easter Week; fols. 82v - 85r Low Sunday; fols. 85r - 88r Second Sunday after Easter; fols. 88v - 92r Third Sunday after Easter; fols. 92r - 96v Fourth Sunday after Easter; fols. 96v - 101v Fifth Sunday after Easter; fols. 101v - 105r Rogation Days; fol.

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