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Cape Town, South African Library, Grey 4c7

Frances Caroline Steyn. Three Unknown Carthusian Liturgical Manuscripts with Music of the 14th to the 16th Centuries in the Grey Collection, South Affrican Library, Cape Town. Edited by James Hogg, Alain Girard and Daniel Le Blévec. 2 vols, Analecta Carthusiana 167. Salzburg: Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik Universität Salzburg, 2000. nd: mi BX3301.A53 v. 167 parts 1 and 2Carthusian Antiphonal, with single sequence added.

Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek 415 (VI. A. 1)

See Koert van der Horst, Illuminated ... 1989 no. 144 Southern Netherlands (Diocese of Liège), 2nd half of the 15th c (with later additions) Textualis formata Prov. Augustinian monastery in the Diocese of Liège presented to the Utrecht University Library in 1841 as part of the ‘Maastrict Collection’

Utrecht, Catharijneconvent, BMH h. 21

W.C.M. Wüstefeld, Middeleeuwse Boeken von het Catharijneconvent. Zwolle, Utrecht, 43:Graduale van of voor pater Heer Gerrit en frater Ludz te Hoorn Graduale Traiectense Noord-Holland, vor/door pater Heer Gerrit en/of frater Ludz ca. 1500-1520 232 f. 384x280 (263x185) 1 kol. littera textualis, Note notational subtlety in sequentiary---exemplified in Gaudeat Hyspania--- two forms of podatus. one with longer first note (transcribed as double) two forms of climacus. one with double last note.

Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek BPL 2777

Cantuale1562 (Dutch—1r: Anno XV twee ente sestig ... )Oestgeest230x165 (167x 115)75ff. CMD-NL 2, nr. 544, pl. 621

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