Eleventh-century antiphoner from Chiavenna, Italy. Messine neumes. Cathedral cursus. 98 folios (incomplete).
Liturgical occasions: 
Ff. 1v-62r: Winter Temporale and Sanctorale. 1v, First Sunday of Advent; 11v, Christmas; 15r, Stephen; 25v, Ferial Office; 39v, First Sunday of Lent; 55r, Maundy Thursday. Ff. 62r-98v: Summer Temporale and Sanctorale. 62r, Easter; 73v, Ascension; 76r, Pentecost; 88v, Paul; 94v, Laurence; 98v, Assumption (incomplete).

All chants not found in CAO are assigned an arbitrary number, beginning with an "chi"; the manuscript contains no differentiae.

Selected bibliography: 
  • Carter, Shannon K. "An Analytical Inventory of an Eleventh-Century Antiphoner Preserved in the Biblioteca Capitolare di S. Lorenzo in Chiavenna." M.A. thesis, The University of Western Ontario, 1995.
Indexing notes: 
The index for I-CHV was prepared by Shannon Carter (The University of Western Ontario), with editorial assistance from Keith Glaeske (Catholic University).