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NZ Wt MSR-03 is likely the second of two antiphonals in the Augustinian tradition. [ The first antiphonal is yet to be found.] This second antiphonal covers the liturgical year from Easter Day forward, both Temporale and Sanctorale. It concludes with some additional Marian works of some interest as they do not seem to have appeared elsewhere.

Author/Contributors: Catholic Church. ; Clemas, A. ; (Albert), ; 1880?-1956. ; Bible Society in New Zealand. ; Alexander Turnbull Library. ; MSR-03 Notes: ff.1-92 Sanctoral from the feast of St Mark (25 April) to St Clement (23 November) -- ff.92v-116v Common of the Saints; including 'In natali sancti Augustini patris nostri' (f.55) and 'In translatione Sancti Augustine' (f.75) -- ff.117-162v Temporal from Holy Saturday to 23rd Sunday after Pentecost -- ff.163-190 Sequences for Feasts of the Purification of the Virgin (sic), St Monica and St Anne. Title supplied from: Manion, M.M. Medieval and renaissance manuscripts in New Zealand collections. Executed in the Netherlands in the second half of the 15th century. Includes 1 blank leaf, and contemporary flyleaf. Watermarks: at least 11 different watermarks and variants, including versions of Briquet 3625 (1480), 6112-6113 (similar types all later 15th century), 8623 (1484), 8655-8682 (all later 15th century), 9182 (1467), 12478 (1481), and 14187-14213 (all later 15th century). Collation: i-vi¹⁰, vii-xviii⁸, xix⁶, xx⁸, xxi⁸+², xxii¹⁰, with 3 different series of faint contemporary leaf signatures from 'A' to '[m]1 on gatherings 1-13 (ff.1-115v), '[a]' to 'F' on gathering 14-19 (f.116-162), and from 'a' to '[c]' on gatherings 20-22 (ff.163-190). Single column, six lines each of text and of music, ruled in faint plummet, written space 152 x 98 mm, written in dark-brown ink by three main scribes (changing after ff.115 and 162, corresponding with changes of runs of signatures above) in a gothic liturgical hand, music in Hufnagelschrift neumes on a 4-line black stave, flyleaf and ff.91v-92 in a slightly later hand, rubrics in red, some liturgical directions underlined in red; capitals touched in red, some capitals in red. Binding: contemporary limp vellum with fold-over flap; repaired ties renewed, modern endpapers, cover detached. Decoration: approximately 290 calligraphic initials in black, touched in red, infilled with black penwork (to f.116 only) of which nearly fifty include human faces or profiles, mostly of monks or of grotesque unshaven figures spitting, and approx. 316 large initials painted in red or occasionally in blue. Three large initials (c.50 x 60 mm) in elaborately divided blue with penwork infilling and surround and full-length marginal flourishing in red partly infilled with a green wash, mark the beginning of the Sanctoral (f.1), Common of the Saints (f.92v) and Temporal f.117). On f.1 and 92v the border terminates in a bushy-tailed dragon. Space for a fourth big initial for Pentecost (f.136) was left blank. Provenance: written for the Augustinian abbey of the Sisters of the Common Life at Amersfoort; inside the upper cover of the binding is the contemporary ownership inscription 'Liber co[n]vent[us] s[anc]ti monaliu[m] s[anc]te Agathe v[ir]gi[ni]s Am[er]sfor.e'. On the first leaf is a cutting from an English bookseller's catalogue. Acquired by Albert Clemas and later sold by him to the British and Foreign Bible Society of New Zealand in 1933; deposited in the ATL on permanent loan by the Bible Society in New Zealand, 1978. Manion, M.M. Medieval and renaissance manuscripts in New Zealand collections, no. 137 Publisher: [between 1450 and 1500] Format: [190] leaves (6 lines each of text and music), bound : music ; 21 x 15 cm. [ quoted from National Library of NZ, Alexander Turnbull Library - Rare Books] The Antiphonal is online at [On this page enter search for MSR-03 then Access Digital Content button.]

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Indexing by Gillian Lander BA, [Post Grad - BMus (Hons 1st Class, Medieval Musicology) - University of Auckland] under supervision of Dr Fiona McAlpine (University of Auckland)
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