CH-P 18
Twelfth-century Premonstratensian gradual of unknown origin, associated with Bellelay Abbey as early as 1160. Messine notation on a four-line staff. 362 numbered parchment pages, 200-210 x 140-145 mm.

At Bellelay Abbey from as early as 1160 until the suppression of the Abbey in 1797, the Bellelay Gradual has unknown origins. Although an important Premonstratensian manuscript of the Jurassian region, it is likely that the manuscript originated from north-eastern France and was a gift to Bellelay Abbey at its founding. To that effect, the Messine notation is not typical of the Jurassian region, and the manuscript includes many erasures and corrections suggesting adaptation to local practice. Furthermore, only one saint in the Sanctorale is particular to the Jurassian region, St. Imer (Imier), and even this seems to be a later addition from the beginning of the 13th century. The manuscript may have been a gift from the mother house of Lac de Joux Abbey, itself a sister abbey to Saint-Martin de Laon in north-eastern France.

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