CZ-Pst DE I 7
"Breviarium Strigoniense." Breviary (including unnotated prayers, lessons, and other material between the chants). 13th century. Two columns per folio side. An unknown number of leaves are missing at the beginning.

Several leaves have been bound upside down: for example, 10 and 15 have been switched in binding so that the folio numbered as “10” in the manuscript = 15 with respect to content in the index (and “10v” in the manuscript = 15r with respect to content in the index). “15r” in the manuscript = 10v, and “15v” = 10r. The items on these folia have been inventoried according to their current locations in order that users will be able to locate them in the online images (available in

Indexing notes: 
NOTE: Long rubric on 3v - chant incipits have not been indexed
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