Fragmented Gradual used in the Church of San Francisco of Quito, Ecuador. Undated. Since Didacus of Alcalá was canonized in 1588 by Pope Sixtus V this manuscript was probably copied at the end of the 16th century, after the arrive of the Franciscan commission to Quito in 1534 led by Jodocus Rickye and Pierre Gosseal who founded the Church of San Francisco. Gothic script and square notation with F and C clefs; 63x44cm with five-line staff in red ink and alternated music and text; 148 folios, no index. Alternate black, blue and red ink for capital letters with filigrees. Arabic foliation from fols. 1r to 115v with red ink. Lately added Roman foliation from fols. 116r to 148v in black ink [fols. Ir - XXXIIIv].

Liturgical Occasions: Proper of the Time fols. 1r - 60r Holy Week; fols. 60r - 63v Feria II post Pascha; fols. 64r - 67v Feria III post Pascha; fols. 67v - 71r Feria IV post Pascha; fols. 71r - 75r Feria V post Pascha; fols. 75r - 79r Feria VI post Pascha; fols. 79r - 82v Saturday in Easter Week; fols. 82v - 85r Low Sunday; fols. 85r - 88r Second Sunday after Easter; fols. 88v - 92r Third Sunday after Easter; fols. 92r - 96v Fourth Sunday after Easter; fols. 96v - 101v Fifth Sunday after Easter; fols. 101v - 105r Rogation Days; fol. 105v Eve of Ascension (the Mass of dominica praeterita indicated with rubric); fols. 105v - 109v Ascension; fols. 109v - 113v Sunday within the Octave of Ascension; fols. 113v - 115v Whitsun Eve. New added folios: fols. Ir - Vr Credo; fols. Vv - VIr Duplex major feasts; fols. VIr - XIIIr the Office of Holy Cross Day; fols. XIIIr - XXIIr Annunciation of Mary; fols. XXIIr - XXIIv In week after Peter and Paul; fols. XXIIIr - XXIIIv Mary Magdalene; fols. XXIIIv - XXIVv Pro nec Virgine nec Martyre; fols. XXIVv - XXVIIIr the Mass of Holy Cross Day; fols. XXVIIIr - XXXv the Mass to San Diego of Alcalá [Didacus of Alcalá or S. Didaci]; fol. XXXv the Office of Saint Joachim; fol. XXXIr blank; fols. XXXIv - XXXIIIv the sequence Victimae paschali laudes; fol. XXXIII is half broken.

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The index for EC-P16BSF18 was prepared by Jesus Estevez at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ.
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