New SSHRC Funding

We are thrilled to announce new SSHRC funding: a Partnership Development Grant for the Cantus Database along with multiple partners, some already networked through the Cantus Index. With Jennifer Bain as principal investigator, Debra Lacoste as project manager, and 20+ co-investigators, collaborators, and institutional partners, we will engage in a new project, “Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission” (DACT), where the half-million records now amassed online will become the basis for a new, central digital hub, the "Cantus Digital Network." In the next few years, we will build infrastructure to study the transmission of chant in Europe and to former colonies in the Americas, Africa, and Oceania, and to study the transmission of chant through fragmented manuscripts. We look forward to working with our current partners and inviting new ones as we expand our international research community.