Antiphoner showcased in Toronto museum exhibition

The Spanish antiphoner usually housed at Western University (London, Ontario, Canada) as ‘ms M2150’ has ventured forth once again! Now starring in the exhibition ‘Hidden Stories: Books along the Silk Roads’, at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto until February 27, 2022, this 16th-century source is described on the exhibition website’s digital section ( as a mode of “spiritual travel.” As one of twenty-one books representing various religious and secular contexts across medieval Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, our already well-travelled (and rather weather-beaten) old friend seems to be enjoying the high-life in the big city. Visitors to the museum, or to the digital version of the exhibit, can find a brief description, several representative images, and a 2-minute audio recording, all helping to renew a place for it in our historical imaginations of a vibrant and colourful medieval world. (Submitted by Kate Helsen)