Dutch Rheinmass - sine neumis

Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek 403 (VIII. B. 2)

See Koert van der Horst, Illuminated ... 1989 no. 100 Northern Netherlands (southern part of Holland?) ca. 1470-1480 520x380 (346x220-235) Textualis formata (textura)

Utrecht, Catherijneconvent, BMH h 8

AH44:157: Miss. ms. Neerlandicum anni 1486, Cod. Mus. Harlemen. 124Missale, without notationKruitwagen no 8, p. 6: 1486 (bl. 195b): Item geschreuen int iaer ons heren dusent cccc ses ende tachtic op sinte barbaren auent. (this according to Krautwagen)I can not make this out

Den Haag, Koninklije Bibliotheek 76 E 2

Catalogus (1988): Geschreven in het diocees Utrecht en ook voor een vrouwenklooster in dat diocees bestemd. Recheck this source. Particularly presence or absence of All Saints.

Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek 402 (V. A. 13)

See Koert van der Horst, Illuminated ... 1989 no. 42 [Utrecht], second quarter of the 15th c 396x298 (275x188) Textualis formata Prov. Chapter of St. Mary, Utrecht (?)Sufficient differences exist between this sequentiary and those from S. Maria in Utrecht to search for origins elsewhere.

Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek BPL 2879

380x290 (265 x187)2 cols. (separated by 15mm) Littera texturaf. 106ra Gold E with red, blue and green pen work. Ask the Catherijne team. A complete sequentiary has been preserved in these fragments. Also a calendar, and several folios from the heart of the missale. f. 116v: Anno domini Millesimo quadrigentesimo Trecessimo octavo. Scriptus et finitur fuit liber iste in profesto sancti Victoris. in monasterio sancte marie ten poel prope leidis ordinis regularium per manus sororis Elizabeth de Gorinchem. Orate pro ea. CMD-NL 2 nur 546a, pl. 542

Haarlem, Stadsbibliotheek 187 C 17

f. 209r: liber monasterii visitacionis beate marie virginis ordinis canonicorum regularum prope haerlem. Finitus anno dni m. cccc. xlvii in perfecto visitacionis bte et glose vgis marie. per fratrem Iudocum.

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