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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, NAL 2482, ff. 7-16 (fragment)

Attributed to Metz by the BNF on the basis of comparison to other manuscripts.
Variety of chants from both Temporale and Sanctorale, including St. Maurice, Denis, Philip, Peter, Martin, and Sixtus, but no complete offices.
Folios 7-9 contain chants for Easter season, though it is unclear if the Sundays are counted from Easter or Easter Octave. Those for "dem vierten Sunnentage" include several devoted to Mary Magdalene not usually present in this part of the season.

Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. 3841, flyleaf

Written on the flyleaf of a volume from the monastery at Mondsee. The other half the same bifolio contains a text on the care of souls and the education of boys, which seems to pre-date the musical addition.

São Leopoldo, UNISINOS Memorial Jesuíta, 330976 (fragment)

Parts of several masses in Advent. Used as binding for a commentary on Jeremiah (1625) , which was eventually the property of a Henricus Freytagis (?=Hico Freytag, Jesuit?) and then the Jesuit convent at Osnabrück before making its way to Brazil. Missal may have had Dominican origins, as one of the spine fragments contains collects aligning with Dominican usage.

São Leopoldo, UNISINOS Memorial Jesuíta, 340723, Front Pastedown (fragment)

Pastedown on the cover board of a copy of Leonardi Lessii, De iustitia... (printed 1626). Belonged to a B.Scheckelius in the later seventeenth century, and probably belonged to the Jesuits at Osnabrück before ending up in Brazil.
Original provenance of antiphoner unknown (likely Belgium). Four line (black) staff with square notation. Textus semiquadratus.

Dublin (Ireland), Private collections, D-0zkxv(fragment)

Bifolio containing chants for the feast of St. Stephen. The two leaves are not consecutive; at least one inner bifolio originally separated them. Quite large (535 x 380mm ). FIve line red staff and square notation.

Dublin (Ireland), Private collections, D-0wg82 (fragment)

Single leaf containing chants for the Assumption.
Four line staff (in red), square notes, c-clef. Text has many small "tendrils". 515 x 360 mm . Obtained in Florence in the 1970s.

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Latin 9488, ff.42-45

Two bifolios from a late 11th century diurnal. Folios 44 and 45 were once part of a quire with the bifolio catalogued as , with one or two missing bifolios containing the remaining chants for Christmastide.
Folios 43 and 42 were part of a later quire in the same source, and have been labelled in the wrong order; originally 43 would have been followed by the inner folios of the quire (containing chants for the first and second weeks of Lent), followed by folio 42.

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