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test 7

here is one kind of line break

here is a second line break

here is a para

here is something else

here is also something else

this is inside paragraph brackets

this comes after it

what happens if you have a line break
sitting inside of a paragraph
what happens then?

we already probably know the answer
if there is no p
but we can try

just for fun!
so much fun

Connecticut USA, Private collections, D-0yp1h

Binding fragment used for a series of volumes of the "Histoire Ecclesiastique pour servir de continuation à celle de Monsieur l'Abbé Fleury" (Paris, Pierre-Jean Mariette, 1727). This fragment was part of the spine for vol. 6. Measures approximately 203 x 152 mm; the present shape is not rectangular, but rather two "comb" shaped pieces which formerly overlapped in the book's spine. The current shape preserves approximately half the original page height, and much of the width of the written area (though not the margins); it likely measured some 400x300mm in its original state.

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