PL-Kkar 1 (Rkp 12)
Antiphoner. 402 pp. Writing Material: parchment. 340 x 510 mm. Secular cursus.

Provenance (origin): one of the three original manuscripts for the Carmelite convent in Kraków (along with Kraków Ms.2 and Wrocław 12025/IV); copied in Prague and brought to Kraków for the foundation of the convent in 1397
Provenance (usage): Kraków, Carmelite convent
Provenance (subsequent history): still in the library of the Kraków Carmelite convent
Noteworthy Details: This is one of six antiphoners indexed by CANTUS that were used at the Carmelite convent in Kraków. The other five manuscripts are:
Kraków, Klastor OO. Karmelitów na Piasku (Carmelite Convent), Ms.2 (rkp. Perg. 14)
Kraków, Klastor OO. Karmelitów na Piasku (Carmelite Convent), Ms.3 (rkp. Perg. 15)
Kraków, Klastor OO. Karmelitów na Piasku (Carmelite Convent), Ms.4 (rkp. Perg. 20)
Kraków, Klastor OO. Karmelitów na Piasku (Carmelite Convent), Ms.5 (rkp. Perg. 13)
Wrocław, Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, Biblioteka, Rkp. 12025/IV
[rkp. Perg. = Rękopis Pergament; The manuscripts still remaining at the Carmelite convent in Kraków have been numbered (Ms. 1 - Ms. 5) chronologically, earliest to latest, by James Boyce. The "rękopis" (Polish for 'manuscript') numbers assigned by Jerzy Gołos, who ordered the sources by size from largest to smallest, have been retained in parentheses with the abbreviation "rkp".]
The Carmelite convent in Prague was founded from Germany in 1347, and then the Kraków convent was founded from Prague. The manuscript contents follow the Carmelite usage as defined by the Ordinal of Sibert de Beka of 1312 with some additional feasts such as St. Wenceslaus and St. Ludmila, of particular significance to the tradition of Prague.
Kraków mss. 1-4 and the Wrocław manuscript were revised in the middle of the eighteenth century for continuing use in the convent; one would suppose, therefore, that the medieval version of the chant was still in use up to that time. In the course of the revision several offices had palimpsest chants for newer feasts written over them, so that much of the original chant has been lost.
This manuscript contains two misbound pages. These leaves have been switched: the leaf with page-numbering “101/102” should follow the page numbered as “118,” and the leaf numbered as “119/120” should follow page 100.
Contributors to MS Description: JB (08/2006), ed. DL (08/2007, 01/2008).

Notes on the Inventory: 
The index for PL-Kkar 1 (Rkp 12) was prepared by James Boyce, O. Carm. (Fordham University) with editorial assistance from Andrew Mitchell (University of Western Ontario).