CZ-Pu VI.E.4c
The manuscript have been used by benedictine nuns of St George's Convent at Prague Castle. The Bohemian benedictine provenance is undoubted (2nd half of the 12th century). The breviary contains the winter part of the liturgical year. Two unique liturgical offices are preserved - office for St Scholastica's feast (154r - 155v) and St Walburga's feast (159r - 161v). The fragment CZ-Pu XXIV A 65 originally belonged to CZ-Pu (Praha) VI E 4c and is therefore regarded as part of this source here.
Notes on the Inventory: 
The inventory for CZ-Pu VI.E.4c was completed by Tereza Seifertová (Charles University, Prague) with proofreading by David Eben.
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