D-Sl 20

In hand written catalog Discussed in Oesh: Berno u. Herman v. Reichenau ... Bern 1961, 144 Klaus Gamber. Codices liturgici latini antiquiores 1963, Nr. 796b Austellung Romanische Kunst in Oestereich. 2. Aufl. 1964. S 75 K. Holter, In: Handschriftenbeschreibung in Oestereich. 1975, S. 41-50 Kellner. Musikgeschichte des Stiftes Kremsmünster. 1956. S. 51f 31 x 23From Kremsmünster (Oesch)From Sankt-Paul-in-Lavanthal (Kruckenberg)Varia 1-5r added sequences, alleluia,etc. Calendar 5v-12r {8} 12v table 13rb single, with added sequenes (alleluias)Graduale 61vSequentiary 62-72r no notation, text only, two quires, first with missing folio a. 6, with f. 2 missing, thus 65 a single in present binding b. 8Sequences written in two columns, with little attention (or no) given to line breaks.