PL-WRu I F 401
Late-thirteenth century Cistercian antiphoner (dated c. 1295) from Lubiąż in modern-day south-western Poland (German: Leubus). 272 folios. Green five-line staff with a red F-line and a yellow C-line.
Liturgical occasions: 
Ff. 1r-123r, Temporale: f. 1r, Advent; f. 20v, Christmas Eve; f. 22v, Christmas Day; f. 31r, Epiphany; f. 38v, Septuagesima; f. 41v, Sexagesima; f. 42r, Quinquagesima; f. 45r, Lent; f. 62r, Passion Sunday; f. 66v, Palm Sunday; f. 70r, Holy Week; f. 77v, Resurrection Sunday; f. 89v, Ascension Sunday; f. 94r, Pentecost; f. 99v, Trinity Sunday; f. 104v, Summer Histories Ff. 123v-256r, Sanctorale: f. 123v, Stephen the First Martyr; f. 127r, John the Evangelist; f. 130v, Holy Innocents; f. 133v, Agnes, Virgin Martyr; f. 138r, Purification of Mary; f. 142v, Agatha, Virgin Martyr; f. 147r, Peter’s Chair; f. 147v, Benedict, Abbot; f. 153v, Annunciation of Mary; f. 157v, Ambrose, Bishop of Milan; f. 158r, Mark, Evangelist; f. 158r, Common of Saints, Eastertide; f. 159r, Philip and James, Apostles; f. 161r, Finding of the Cross; f. 163v, John the Baptist; f. 168r, Peter and Paul, Apostles; f. 173r, Paul, Apostle; f. 178r, Mary Magdalene; f. 182r, Peter in Chains; f. 182r, Finding of Stephen’s Relics; f. 182v, Laurence, Martyr; f. 187r, Assumption of Mary; f. 192v, Bernard, Abbot and Doctor; f. 197r, Beheading of John the Baptist; f. 200r, Nativity of Mary; f. 203v, Exaltation of the Cross; f. 206r, Michael the Archangel; f. 211r, All Saints’; f. 217r, Hedwig, Matron and Duchess of Silesia; f. 221v, 11,000 Virgin Martyrs of Cologne; f. 226v, Martin, Bishop of Tours; f. 231r, Cecilia (Cecily), Virgin Martyr; f. 235r, Clement I, Pope and Martyr; f. 238r, Andrew, Apostle; f. 242v, Dedication of the Church; f. 247r, Corpus Christi Ff. 256r-272w, Hymns.
Notes on the Inventory: 
The inventory for PL-WRu I F 401 was prepared by Robert Bernagiewicz (Lublin, Poland) and students in his seminar class, and proofread by Kate Helsen (The University of Western Ontario) with editorial assistance by Debra Lacoste (The University of Western Ontario). Manuscript description completed by Rebecca Shaw (Dalhousie University).
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