D-TRs 1245/597 (rev)

Monastic antiphoner from the abbey of Prüm (Eifel).
The antiphoner is part of a miscellaneous manuscript, filling f. 107r-129r, with later additions on f. 129r and f. 106r-106v. It contains only text incipits without musical notation, ordered in three columns.
The original destination for Prüm is attested by a hymn for St. Chrysanthus and Daria in the hymnary section of the manuscript as well as by an office for St. Goar (consisting of commune pieces only) in the antiphoner. The relics of St. Chrysanthus and Daria were translated from Rome to Münstereifel, a dependency of Prüm, in 836; the church of St. Goar was equally a dependency of Prüm. The manuscript was at some time brought to the monastery of St. Martin in Trier, perhaps by Regino of Prüm who left Prüm in 899 and became abbot of St. Martin. If this assumption is correct, the thorough revision of the antiphoner can be seen as representing the use of St. Martin.
There seems to be a consistent layer of revision, done by varying means:
addition of numbers for the reordering of responsories,
addition of text incipits in the margins or between the lines,
cancelling or underlining of text incipits,
erasure and rewriting.
In many cases it is easy to read and to distinguish the two layers. In the case of erasures, sometimes the original text can be reconstructed from traces of letters, sometimes not. (For difficult cases the manuscript has been consulted in original.)
For several reasons it has been decided to produce two separate indices for the original and the revised layer. That implies that the index "original" ignores all parts that are added later, the index "revised" on the other hand places the pieces in the order intended by the various means of revision.

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