EC-Qsf 4
Fragmented Hymnal used in the Church of San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. Dated 1648 by unknown copyist. Vellum; good condition with some humidity; 68x50cm with five-line staff in red ink alternating music and text; 115 folios with index; no flyleaves; ff. 59v–60r are missing; incomplete Arabic foliation in red ink; later incomplete Arabic pagination in pencil. Rotunda Gothic script and square notation with F and C clefs; flats, modes, custos and bars are indicated. Alternate black, blue and red ink for capital letters with filigrees designs; brown leather over boards.
Liturgical occasions: 
Liturgical Occasions: f. 1v Inscription and date; ff. 2r - 3r "Sequens hymnus dicitur ab octava Epiphaniae usque ad dominicam primam Quadragesimae, et a dominica proximiori Kalendis octobris usque ad Adventum"; ff. 3r - 5v "Sequens hymnus dicitur ab octava pentecostes usque ad dominicam proximiorem Kalendis octobris"; ff. 6r - 9r First Sunday of Advent; ff. 9r - 12r Nativity of Our Lord; ff. 12r - 13v Holy Innocents; ff. 13v - 16r Epiphany of Our Lord; ff. 16r - 19r Tempore Quadragesimae; ff. 19r - 23v Tempore Passionis; ff. 23v - 28r Tempore Paschale; ff. 28r - 31r Ascension of Our Lord; ff. 31r - 35v Whitsunday; ff. 35v - 38r Holy Trinity; ff. 38r - 43r Corpus Christi; ff. 43r - 46r Peter’s Chair; ff. 46r - 48v Martinae Virginis et Martyris (partially); ff. 48v - 52r Purification of Mary and Comm. BMV; ff. 52r - 52v Hermenegildi Martyris (partially); ff. 53r - 54r Conversion of Paul (misplaced); f. 54r Commemoration of Saint Paul (rubric); ff. 54r - 56r Elisabeth Queen of Portugal; ff. 56r - 59r Mary Magdalene; ff. 59r - 60r Peter in Chains (ff. 59v and 60r are missed) ; ff. 61r - 63r Transfiguration of Our Lord; ff. 63r - 65v Sanctorum Angelorum Custodum; ff. 65v - 67v Teresiae; ff. 67v - 70r All Saints’ Day; ff. 70r - 72v Common of Apostles and Evangelists Out of Eastertide; ff. 72v - 75r Common of Apostles and Evangelists in Eastertide; ff. 75r - 76r Common of one Martyr; ff. 76r - 77r Common of one Martyr in Eastertide; ff. 77r - 81r Common of several Martyrs; ff. 81r - 83v Common of one Confessor Pope; ff. 83v - 85r Common of one Confessor not Pope; ff. 85r - 87v Common of one Virgin Martyr; ff. 87v - 88v Common of one Virgin not Martyr; ff. 88v - 90v Pro nec Virgine nec Martyre; ff. 90v - 93v Dedication of a Church; ff. 93v - 94v Saturdays, Ferial Office; f. 94v Sundays, Ferial Office (incomplete); ff. 95r - 97r Hermenegildi Martyris (misplaced); ff. 97r - 102r Finding and Exaltation of the Cross; ff. 102v - 103v Appearing of Michael the Archangel; ff. 103v - 105r Dedication of Mont Saint Michael; ff. 105r - 109r John the Baptist; ff. 109r - 114r Peter and Paul, Apostles (f. 113 is broken); ff. 114r - 114v Conversion of Paul (incomplete); ff. 115r - 115v Martinae Virginis et Martyris (first stanza misplaced and incomplete).

This manuscript includes the amendments made by Pope Urban VIII in 1632, as indicated on the first folio, and completed in 1648: "Hymni Brebiari Romani S.D.P. Urbani VIII iustii, et sacrae rituum congregationis, approbatione emendati, et editi. F.D.C. 1648." For example, the first hymn, "Primo die quo" is among the chants amended in 1632 (a chant attributed to Gregory the Great and originally beginning "Primo dierum omnium").

Please note that the index includes manuscript abbreviations in the Manuscript Spellings Text Field. Abbreviated letters are indicated using a circumflex (ex: ê). A such, the circumflex indicates the presence of an abbreviation, but not the specific abbreviatory mark. Consultation with the manuscript images can confirm which abbreviatory mark was employed by the scribe.

This fragmented hymnary is part of a collection of thirty-eight liturgical manuscripts within the collection of the Church of San Francisco in Quito, including fifteen antiphonaries, four graduals, eight hymnals, ten psalters, and one ritual (see Estevez Monagas, 2019). Although much work has been done to address church music in Quito (including by American musicologist Robert M. Stevenson and Spanish musicologist Alejandro Massó), the plainchant manuscripts of Quito are an emerging area of research, with the index for EC-Qsf4 being the second published inventory of a plainchant volume from an Ecuadorian church. See also the index for EC-Qsf 18P16.

Selected bibliography: 

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Notes on the Inventory: 
The index for EC-Qsf 4 was prepared by Jesus Estevez Monagas at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ. The manuscript description was written by Jesus Estevez Monagas with editing and additions by Barbara Swanson (February 2021).
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complete inventory
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