US-CApc D-0xpcp (fragment)
Fragmented leaf from a gradual. Fifteenth century (?).

Single leaf from a gradual. Square notation in black ink on red five-line staves with F- and C-clefs; 7 lines per folio side. The textual script appears to be in late Gothic minim style with suggestions of rounded, humanistic pen-strokes. This leaf dates, perhaps, from the late-fifteenth or early-sixteenth century (?). 48.7 x 33.3 cm, with a principal writing space of 37.2 x 23.4 cm. Acquired at an estate sale in California, USA. Currently in the private collection of S. Helak (2018).

The contents do not indicate the feast, but give an introit followed by several gradual verses and rubrics for readings corresponding to the extended reading/responsory material for Ember Saturday in Lent.
The marginal VACAT is probably calling the user's attention to the fact that the responsory "Protector noster" is not given in full on this leaf.

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The inventory for US-CApc D-0xpcp (fragment) was first drafted by Debra Lacoste during email consultations with the owner of the leaf. The records and manuscript description were entered by Debra Lacoste.The siglum and description were updated with links to Fragmentarium by Anna de Bakker.
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