CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0212 (fragment)
Missal, one leaf, Flemish or German, mid-14th century. No musical notation.

"One leaf, on vellum, in latin. In mid-14th century textualis gothic. Flemish or northern German. Brown ink. 240x165 mm., writing surface 165x107 mm. One column, 19 lines, lined.

Contents: r. gloria Domini. Quoniam excelsus Dominus et humilia rescipit....(Ps. 137, 6) Ecce Domine tu cognovisti omnia novissima et antiqua: tu formasti me et posu- v. isti super me manum tuam. (Ps. 138, 5) Confitebor tibi quia terribiliter magnifi- (Ps. 138, 14)

Decoration: Gold leaf one-line initials at the incipits of each paragraph, on square grounds, painted, alternatively, in ultramarine and light-crimson colors. Line-fillers at the end of each paragraph in ultramarine, light-crimson, light-green and/or light-red, and gold leaf, on disks or wavy shapes. Zoomorphic or anthropomorphic heads, in light-grey, appear at the end of the line-fillers, and, in two cases, in the fillers themselves. A three-quarter border appears on the recto. It is narrow (006 mm.), straight, and carries stripes in ultramarine, light-red and gold leaf, all dotted. Lines 11 and 12 of recto text, carry an initial (D) in ultramarine, with white circlets and white wavy lines. The initial is historiated and contains a young male face in grey. It rests on square ground, partly in gold leaf, partly in light-crimson. The edges of the initial extend into the border. The top of the border carries a zoomorphic figure, a hare in grey, resting on top the border. The border begins on the right upper corner, with two acanthus leaves, in light-green and dark-crimson, with a disk in gold leaf, in between. The lower part of the border carries a zoomorphic figure in light-green and dark-crimson. At the end of the border stands, on its hind legs, a hare-like creature in grey and light-green, holding, ready to shoot, an arrow-less arch. The border ends in a snail-like shape, in dark-crimson, with two light-green edges, resting on irregular ultramarine ground. Top right of the leaf (seeing it from the recto), a rectangular piece (022x013 mm.) has been cut off. Late foliation (138)."

(Holland, Anne Marie, compiler. "MS Medieval 212". Long Descriptions Ms Medieval Manuscript Antiphonals, Missals and Graduals. Digitization and Cataloguing Project- Antiphonals, Missals and Gradual. Updated December 6, 2018), 31.

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