CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0219 (fragment)
Antiphonal, one leaf, Italian, late 15th-early 16th century. Square notation in black ink on red four-line staff.
Liturgical occasions: 
Stephen, John the Baptist, Holy Innocents.

"Late 15th-early 16th century Italian. On vellum. Light-brown ink, rubrics in red ink. Four-line, red ink drawn, staves with musical notation. 496x366 mm., writing surface 390x280 mm.

Contents: r. In Vesperis. Antiphon: -tos et Iesum stantem a dextris Deo (Actus, VII, 55) De sancto Ioanne in Laudes- Antiphon: Hic est discipulus ille, qui testimonium perhibet de his v. et scimus quia verum est testimonium eius... (John, XXI, 24) De Innocenti in Laudes Antiphon: Herodes iratus occidit multos pueros in Bethleem Ju(deae)

Decoration: The fragment contains four initials set on the staves, two on each side. They are in alternating blue and red inks. Tey are bound by curvilinear shapes: curlicues, round patterns, S-curves and loops. The patterns are in red (initials S, U) around blue initials, and in burnished gold and brown ink around red initials (H, H)."

(Holland, Anne Marie, compiler. "MS Medieval 24". Long Descriptions Ms Medieval Manuscript Antiphonals, Missals and Graduals. Digitization and Cataloguing Project- Antiphonals, Missals and Gradual. Updated December 6, 2018), 35.

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