CDN-Mlr MS Medieval 0222 (fragment)
Missal, one leaf, damaged, 2nd half of the 14th century. No musical notation.
Liturgical occasions: 
Common of several Martyrs.

"One leaf, on vellum, in latin. In textualis gothic. Second half of 14th century. Unknown origin. Brown ink, red ink rubrics, lined in dark-brown ink. 350x235 mm., writing surface 255x179 mm. Two columns, 33 lines. Alternating blue and red plain initials. No decoration. The fragment was used for binding, as a result it has been damaged. The text has faded in areas, has wormholes, is cut off on the four corners and the hinge margin has been completely cut off.

Contents. From the Sanctorale. The feast of saints Philip and James (May 1). r. Metuentes Dominum sustinete misericordiam....(Sirach, II, 7) Exultabunt sancti in gloria letabunt.....(Gradual) II. iustorum animae in manu Dei sunt....(Sapientia, III, 1) v. I. In illo tempore, videns Ihesus turbas ascendit in montem....(Mat., V, 1) ....Et teraemotus magni erunt II. per loca et pestilentiae et fames (Luke, XXI, 9-19) unus ex illis non est in oblivione coram Deo. Sed....(Luke, XII, 6)."

(Holland, Anne Marie, compiler. "MS Medieval 24". Long Descriptions Ms Medieval Manuscript Antiphonals, Missals and Graduals. Digitization and Cataloguing Project- Antiphonals, Missals and Gradual. Updated December 6, 2018), 36-37.

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