D-TRs 12b 01-22 2b-bis (fragment)
Single leaf from an early 12th c antiphoner, provenance unknown. Unheightened neumes. 23.4 x 16.4 cm.

Single leaf from a 12th century antiphoner, containing chants for Fridays Saturdays throughout the year. (Only "Sabbato" is visible in the rubric; but the chants may be inferred to be "per annum.")

Measures 234 x 164 mm. Drypoint lines, with first line of writing over the rule.

Carolingian miniscule script with red rubrics. Unheightened, St-Gall style neumes in a slightly darker ink than that of the text. One side of the fragment (now the verso, but originally the recto) was glued down for use as a binding, and is difficult to read. In its original format, the chants were adjacent to a column of text, presumably containing readings, which is partially visible along the edges of the fragment.

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