D-TRs 12c 1-9 7c (fragment)
Two fragmented bifolios from a German missal, 14th c. 28.5 x 32.7 cm.

Two partial bifolios fom a missal, measuring 285 x 327 mm (writing area not given). Extensively trimmed and damaged, presumably as part of use in bookbinding.
Contains chants for the final Sundays of Pentecost, and then (apparently continuously) the feast of Silvester, Felicis, and Pope Marcellus.

Two columns, 34 lines of text per column.
Faded alternating red and blue initials for prayers and readings; a larger decorated initial in two colours once opened the mass for Silvester. Initials in the music are otherwise elongated black initials with red highlighting.
Musical notation is German-style neumes on a grey four-line staff about the height of two text-lines, with one red f-line. Small c-clefs and occasional f-clefs. Red rubrics, many of which have become illegible.

Somewhat uneven Textualis Libraria script, suggesting a rapid execution. Some evidence of contemporary corrections and notes to rubricators.

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The inventory for D-TRs 12c 1-9 7c (fragment) was completed by Martha Culshaw (Dalhousie University) with editorial assistance from Anna de Bakker (Dalhousie University).
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