D-TRs 12c 1-9 2c (fragment)
Bifolio from late 11th century missal, unheightened neumes.

Bifolio from a missal with chants and readings for the week after Trinity Sunday. Measurements not given. At least 26 lines.
Unheightened, St.Gall-type neumes.
Several hands are present. The lectionary is largely in brown ink in a Carolingian script, with rubrics in red Roman-style capitalis. One prayer is in darker ink, in a slightly later style (with short final "s" and a shorter "r", greater clubbing of ascenders and descenders.) Chants are generally written in a smaller version of the lighter/earlier hand of the readings and prayers, with the same ampersand. References to page numbers of various incipits have been added.
One incipit refers the reader to the gospel "Erat homo" for "pasca annot." (=pascha annotinum) on the day before (?) Trinity Sunday; this may indicate a French or perhaps Cluniac connection for the original volume.

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The inventory for D-TRs 12c 1-9 2c (fragment) was completed by Martha Culshaw (Dalhousie University) with editorial assistance from Anna de Bakker (Dalhousie University).
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