CDN-WatONpc D-0uhiz (fragment)
Fragmented leaf from an antiphoner.

Single leaf from an antiphoner. Square notation in black ink on red four-line staves with F- and C-clefs; 7 lines per folio side. Rounded, southern-textura-style script. 507 x 389 mm, with a principal writing space of 386 x 285 cm. Acquired at a flea market in Florence, Italy. Currently in the private collection of D. Lacoste (2020).

The fragment is difficult to date. The script suggests the fifteenth century or later; there is also significant marginal decoration in a somewhat baroque style. The manner in which the decoration intersects with the text gives the impression that the decoration was executed first, rather than being a later addition, and so the whole fragment may date to the early to mid eighteenth century. (There is some evidence that antiquarian, "medieval" style scripts were still in use in northern Italy as late as the 1730's; see for example

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