D-TRs 12b 01-22 14b (fragment)
Single leaf from an antiphoner. 28.8 x 20.5 cm. Five line staff in black with red line for f. Hufnagel notation. Secular cursus.

Single leaf from an antiphoner, containing chants for Commons of a Martyr and of a Confessor. Secular cursus. Likely German, 15thc. 288 x 205 mm; writing area measurements not given. Trimmed (for a binding?) and somewhat damaged.

Many modes indicated in margin with roman numerals. Five line staff in brown ink with red line for f. Small c-clef and a dot for f-clef. Hufnagel notation. 14 staves per page.

Libraria script. Black and red capitals, an entire staff high, for verses and most antiphons; responsories, antiphons for canticles, and opening antiphons have initials in red and green/blue, with some penwork.

288 x 205 mm

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The inventory for D-TRs 12b 01-22 14b (fragment) was completed by Martha Culshaw (Dalhousie University) with editorial assistance from Anna de Bakker (Dalhousie University).
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