F-Pnm Lat.9488 ff.42-45 (fragment)
Two bifolios from a late 11th-century diurnal. Staffless neumes. Height of folio is at least 250 by 177 mm, with the written area measuring 200 by 98 mm. 26 lines per page. Striking initials in orange, blue, green, and ochre, with figures, animals, and leaves. Smaller capitals and rubrics in red-orange ink.

Folios 44 and 45 were once part of a quire with the bifolio catalogued as, with one or two missing bifolios containing the remaining chants for Christmastide. Folios 42 and 43 were part of a later quire in the same source, and have been labelled in the wrong order; originally 43 would have been followed by the inner folios of the quire (containing chants for the first and second weeks of Lent), followed by folio 42. Text is quite effaced on folios 43v, 44v, and 45r.

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Laura Albiero, 2020, for Fragmentarium

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