F-Pnm NAL 2482 ff. 7-16 (fragment)

Attributed to Metz by the BNF on the basis of comparison to other manuscripts.

Four line drypoint staff, with red f-line and yellow c-line, both marked with a clef. German style neumes.

Five bifolios, arranged as a ternion (7-12) and a binion (13-16). 262 x 213 mm; written space 210x140 mm.

Variety of chants from both Temporale and Sanctorale but no complete offices. Out of order; original order is ff. 7-9, lacuna, 10-12, lacuna, 14, lacuna, 15, lacuna, 13, lacuna, 16.

Folios 7-9 contain chants for Easter season, though it is unclear if the Sundays are counted from Easter or Easter Octave. Those for "dem vierten Sunnentage" include several devoted to Mary Magdalene not usually present in this part of the season.
Folios 10-12 contain a partial office for George (and Adalbert?) [April 23], followed by Philip&James [May 1].
Folio 14 contains chants for St. Maurice [Sept.22/May 12]
Folio 15 contains chants for St Denis [Oct 9/ April 22]
Folio 13 contains chants for All Saints [Nov.1], with special responsories in honour of St Peter and St Sixtus, suggesting a local devotion.
Folio 16 contains chants for St Martin [Nov.11]

German rubrics in red. Differentia in the margins, but not consistently, causing the pairings with the antiphons to be difficult to construe. Some modal classifications seem to be somewhat unusual.

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