US-BAw W 759
Multivolume Cistercian antiphoner from the abbey of Sainte-Marie de Beaupré in Grimminge, East Flanders (diocese of Cambrai). 1290. Staff notation. Monastic cursus. Easter-Pentecost. 223 folios. 48 x 34 cm. Thirty-eight lacunae and eighteen leaves added in the late 15th century.

The Beaupré Antiphoner was donated in 1290 to the Cistercian nuns of Beaupré in Grimminge, East Flanders (Belgium). The antiphoner originally comprised a set of six volumes, 3 for the abbess-side of choir and 3 for the prioress-side. Only three of these are extant (W. 759-761) in addition to a later supplemental volume (W. 762). Several folios were intentionally removed in the late fifteenth century and others are lost. Eighteen new pages were added to W. 759 in the late fifteenth century to replace local offices with standard versions of the Cistercian chant.

Selected bibliography: 

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The inventory for US-BAw W 759 was prepared by John Glasenapp OSB (Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology).
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