H-Ba T 174 (fragment)

Single page of an unnoted breviary, unknown and somewhat atypical usage. Two column layout. Northern textualis script with Praegothica features, 13th century.

Used as a binding in the mid-fifteenth (?) century. The subsequent volume was at one time in the collection of the Ochsenhausen monastery in Baden-Württemberg, which may point to a German origin.

Fragment is in several horizontal strips, which together give a folio of 263×210 mm with a written height of 230 mm (32 lines).
Chants and readings for Mark (April 25) and Philip and James (May 1), with apparently a single antiphon for Walpurgis (also May 1).
Mark readings taken from Passio Sancti Marci, BHL 5276; a significant portion is missing at the bottom of the page.

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