CDN-HalNSpc D-02fkm (fragment)
Single folio with chants for Corpus Christi.

Single folio on vellum, numbered lxxxiii in upper right, containing chants "in festo corporis x(rist)i".
Five line red staves, square notation. Folio measures 575 x 393 mm; writing area 425 x 250 mm (recto) and 430 x 270 mm (verso).
Acquired by current owner in 2017; previously privately owned, also in Halifax, and appraised there in 1998.

Script is Southern Textualis, with many prescissa minims (m, n), an h descending below the line, and r with a foot, all late Iberian features.

Words occasionally divided somewhat idiosyncratically ("pignu----s"). Music and text poorly aligned; text seems to have been written first, and sometimes syllable boundaries are not obvious from the neumes. Text is punctuated with colons and semicolons; the music has lines of division at these points. Corrections of various neumes visible, particularly on the recto, though these efforts apparently did not extend to either text alignment or the unusual ending of the Magnificat antiphon. Differentia given is also either unattested or in error.

Somewhat unusual ordering of chants, as "Sicut novelle" is in the octave rather than first vespers of the feast.

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