AUS-Sfl Add.Ms. 327 (rear pastedown)
Rear inside cover pastedown: late 12th century or ca. 1200, Aquitanian notation, mass chants. Parchment bifolium trimmed to approx. 34 x 47.5 cm. In the inventory, the left part of the bifolium is named 'a' and right part is named 'b'.

This fragment is attached as a pastedown to the inside of the rear cover of the sixteenth-century cantorale AUS-Sfl Add.Ms. 327. As a result, only one side of the fragment can be viewed. The fragment is a parchment bifolium which has been trimmed so as to lose one or two text lines at the bottom and part of the rightmost column. It is likely that no notated content was lost in the trimming. The bifolium appears to have been prepared for a noted missal.

Dom. Resurrectionis: assumed as identification is missing, one chant only.
Fer. 2 p. Pascha: including Introit, Gradual and three Alleluia chants.

Selected bibliography: 

Nelson, Kathleen E. "Fragments of medieval chant manuscripts at the University of Sydney." Fontes Artis Musicae, 55 (2008): pp. 223-31.

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Prepared by Kathleen E. Nelson (University of Sydney), August 2021.
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