US-IssWApc D-0p4kz (fragment)
Single leaf from an antiphoner, probably Spanish.

Single leaf with unknown origin; purchased at a thrift shop (in 2020's) with little information.
Measures 560 mm x 394mm; writing area 483 mm x 280 mm. Numbered 48 in Arabic numerals in upper right, probably contemporaneous with the contents.
Script is Southern Textualis prescissa; some ascenders (e.g. s, b) have a single hook, and the "ae" digraph is a distinctive three-stroke shape. Most capitals are simple, red, and seemingly influenced by print-style Roman lettering. Five-line staff in red, with square neumes.
Appearance suggests the fragment originated in Spain. The music is more elaborate than other versions of the antiphon presented (a specifically Spanish variant?)
The feast and placement is unknown, but the presence of the psalm may suggest it is not the typical use at the end of Lauds on Passion Sunday; Sext the following Monday seems likely.

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