US-CinOHpc D-05k5s (fragment)
Page containing hymns from a fragmented liturgical book

Single folio containing two melodies for the hymn "Creator alme siderum". The text post-dates Urban VIII's revisions (1631).
The ferial melody may be a variant on mSTA126.

Measures 710 x 500 mm; writing are 620 x 390 mm on one side and 650 x 390 mm on the other. Script is Southern textualis prescissa (Spanish?). Red and blue decorated initials mark the beginning of each verse, with slightly more elaborate initials beginning the first verse.

Musical notation is square neumes on a red five-line staff, of which there are six per page. Clefs are made of three lozenges; custodes are narrow with long, upward pointing tails. A sharp marks b-natural. In addition to virgae and puncta, lozenge shapes are also present, as well as an upward-pointing stem. Faint lines of division mark the end of each line.

Layout is somewhat peculiar: the recto contains only the opening of the ferial melody, while the verso contains the text of the remaining verse rather than the continued melody.

Inherited by the present owner from a family member; purchased at least prior to the 1940s.

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