B-AVna, IV.413
Liturgical occasions: 
The Averbode Antiphoner includes Temporale (ff. 1r–69r); tropes to Marian antiphons (ff. 69v-70v); Common of saints (ff. 72r-103r and ff. 135v-137r); and Sanctorale (ff. 103v-230r).
Notes on the Inventory: 
The index for B-AVna, IV.413 was prepared by Nicholas Bleisch and Henry T. Drummond with the collaboration of Andrew Bull, Tin Cugelj, Gabriela Henriquez, Alessandra Ignesti, David Merlin, Philippa Ovenden, Mariana Ramos de Lima, and Mary Wolinski with proofreading by Alessandra Ignesti (KU Leuven) and editorial assistance by Debra Lacoste (Dalhousie University).
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