US-KClbsc M2149.2 .V4 1629
Spanish Antiphoner and Temporale dated 1629 (once in a strapwork initial on 47r and once in a painted initial on 59v) covering the feast of the Ascension to the Summer Histories. Contains five-line staves, five per folio in red, with F- and C-clefs. Decorated and illuminated initials. Cathedral cursus. Ninety-five parchment folios measuring 38.5 x 58cm. Principal writing space of 29 x 48.5cm.

US-KClbsc M2149.2 .V4 1629 is a Temporale including feasts from Ascension to Trinity and beyond. Cantor incipits are included as well as Psalm incipits. The paper label on the spine labels this as book 10 in a series of an unknown order, though it is likely the final volume as the feast of the Trinity is included. A paper label on the spine reads “10 Oficios de temp Ascens hasta “A” sin himnos”. The letter “Y” is etched into the front cover and inside front cover, likely a shelfmark indicator. Provenance is unknown except originating in Spain and being acquired by LaBudde Special Collections sometime between 1948 and 1973. The name K. Gilbert, a possible donor, is written on the inside cover.

The manuscript is completely missing its first folio, and the front pastedown has some evidence of red ink transferred from the missing leaf. Folio 70 is completely torn/cut out except for a tab at the bottom with a bit of text and part of the decorated initial remaining.

There is a mis-foliation occurring at f53r, where f53r is labeled on two subsequent folia. The notation and text sizes are fairly standard throughout, with five lines of music per page in one column on a five-line staff. F-clef and C-clef used, though C-clef has two different shapes often used interchangeably within a single chant. There are no interventions aside from parchment repairs and patches, and some minor notation corrections. Marginalia occurs on f4r and f22r with slight change of text and melody. The rastrum changes significantly at f24v-f25r where it becomes thinner through the rest of the manuscript. The decorated initials are typically in ink and are fairly consistent, except for two initials that were painted. Strapwork initials appear throughout the first half of the book.

Liturgical Occasions:
Ff. 2r-63r: Easter Temporale. 2r, Ascension; 13r, Pentecost; 34r, Trinity; 46v, Corpus Christi; Ff. 63v-96r: Summer Histories interspersed with Sundays after Pentecost. 63v, 3rd-11th Sundays after Pentecost; 70v, Wisdom; 74v, Job; 76v, Tobias; 77r, Mary Magdalene; 79r, Ember Day, September (Saturday); 79v, Judith; 80v, Esther; 81r, Maccabees; 84v, Prophets; 89r, 3rd-7th Sunday after Pentecost.

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