GB-LEc F-njql

Leaves from an antiphoner. 390 x 230 mm, writing area 260x190 mm. Measurements approximate as fragment is in situ.

Chants for feast of Mary Magdalene; sequence of antiphons suggests a possible York Use.

Probably originally seven staves per page, as approximately one line worth is missing from the fragment. Four-line red staff. Probably originally 7 per page. Square notation, slightly curved, with no custos or division lines and hairline stems. C-clef with two diagonal strokes, F-clef with four.

Large (1 staff in height) initial for opening of hymn, in red on a blue penwork background; small initials, alternating red-with-blue and blue-with red, one text-line in height, for hymn verses and antiphons.
Used to bind various materials, including royal proclamations pertaining to Co.York. Formerly part of the Fairfax collection (connected to Leeds Castle in Kent) and then the collection of Thomas Phillipps, before arriving in Leeds Central Library in West Yorkshire.

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