FIN-Hy F.m.I.26
Fragmented noted missal,12th century. 24 folios. Unknown origin. The fragments of the manuscript have been preserved as covers for tax accounts from the district of Ylä-Satakunta (Finland) from years 1583–1587 and 1598. This suggests that the manuscript was in the possession of one the churches in the area and had probably arrived there in the Middle Ages. The earliest parish in the district is Sastamala, which is assumed to date from the early thirteenth century. Given the date of the manuscript and the central position of Sastamala within the district, this can be suggested as a tentative medieval home of the manuscript. (Jaakko Tahkokallio)

Liturgical occasions: Ff. 1r-18v, Temporale. 1r-v, First week of Lent (Friday-Saturday); 2r-v, Second week of Lent (Tuesday-Thursday); 3r-v, Third week of Lent (Monday-Tuesday); 4r-5v, Fourth week of Lent (incomplete); 7r-8v, Fifth week of Lent (incomplete); 10r-12v, Easter Week (Sunday-Wednesday); 13r, Fourth Sunday after Easter; 13v-14r, Rogation Days (incomplete); 14v, Ascension; 15v-16v Vigil of Pentecost, Pentecost; 17r-v, 18th Sunday after Pentecost, Ember Days; 18r-v, 19th-21st Sundays after Pentecost.
Ff. 19r- 24v, Sanctorale. 19r, Felix [Nolan], Remigius & Hilary, Marcellus I, Pope and Martyr; 19v, Prisca, Virgin Martyr; 20r, Conversion of Paul; 20v, Octave of Agnes, Purification of Mary; 21r, Finding of Stephan’s Relics; 21v, Cyriacus and Companions, Martyrs, Vigil of Laurence; 22r, Tiburtius, Martyr, Hippolytus, Martyr; 22v, Assumption of Mary (Prayer of Eusebius), Octave of Laurence; 23r-v, Agapitus, Martyr, Timothy; Bartholomew, Hermes, Martyr (Prayer of Augustine); 24r-v, Birthday of Mary, (Prayer of Adrian, Martyr), Protus and Hyacinth, Martyrs, Holy Cross Day (Prayer of Cornelius and Cyprian).

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Haapanen, Toivo 1922. Verzeichnis der Mittelalterlichen Handschriftenfragmente in der Universitätsbibliothek zu Helsingfors. I Missalia. Helsingin yliopiston kirjaston julkaisuja IV. Helsinki: Druckerei der Finnischen Litteratur-Gesellschaft.

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