D-Mbs 11004

While this book has many additions at beginning and end, core of book is a graduale from ca. 1100: German neumes in campo aperto, presence of salicus and other conservative forms argues for “conservative” notation.In cat: “ex bibliotheca ecclesiae Pataviensis” (Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum Bibliothecae regiae Monacensis Tom IV Pars II 1968 p. 1Major initials f. 14 (beginning of grad) Ad te f. 20 Puer natus est f. 60 ResurrexiGraduale: 14r-98vKyriale: 99r-101vDe sancta Maria 102r-v102-120r: Sequentiary—no neumes, only text, but copied in versus. 120v = prayers and Secret for Annun. S. M. S. Rudberto121r- 124v additional sequences in hand from ca. 1400. Last part of book a sacramentary.