CH-BEsu 620

Reference to this source in Bannister’s notes.See Bern Cat. p. 486. First part of ms is fragment of an Antiphonale (for night office) ff. 1-23 12th cThere follows a collection of collects for Dom. ii - xxiii., and various other preces. ff. 24-27 12th-13th c.Part of Troper/Prosar 28 inc. Cunctipotens genitor ... eleisonSequences begin 30r, with Verbum bonum, but this folioStructure of fragment is as follows: 28 35 29 34 30s 33s 31 32text/music breaks off following 30s continuous from 31-32 continuous from 32-33: altissimi corporali passum est carne sumpta new prosa on 34r seems to be continuous 34-35. Plena sunt omnia glorie tue Atque eum in nocentissimo grege. Following prosae: 35r: Alleluia Virga iesse Oremus dilectisimi nobis dominum patrem omnipotentem ... 35v Deus qui es benedicus in secula seculorum suscipe preces ... Omnipotens deus supplices te rogamus ... frag. expl. per intercessio