CDN-Mlr 73
Miscellaneous choirbook from Northern Italy, made of 10 independent codicological units produced in different periods for a total of 143 un-numbered folios, with several lacunae. Written in various Gothic hands on vellum; square notation on red, 4-line staves. The surface of the leaves measures from 465 x 335 mm to 455 x 320 mm; the writing surface varies more widely according to the fragment. According to Seymour De Ricci, MS 73 was written in the 15th century, yet with all probability most of the quires were produced much earlier, between the late 13th century and the early 14th. Obtained in Florence by Dr. Casey Wood on November 5th, 1930, MS 73 was added soon thereafter to the McGill Library collection, on 21 January 1931.
Liturgical occasions: 
MS 73 restricts itself to selected liturgical occasions and, for some of them, it features the unusual combination of items for the office and the mass. F. 1r, 11,000 Virgin Martyrs of Cologne (office, one sequence, and two alleluias); f. 23r, Thomas Aquinas (office and mass); f. 53v, Corpus Christi and its octave (office and mass); f. 87r, Moving of Thomas's relics (office); f. 101r, Corpus Christi and its octave (office); f. 116r, Conversion of Paul (office); f. 127r, Common of Saints (office); f. 131r, Sexagesima Sunday (office); f. 138v, Quinquagesima Sunday (office).
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